An investigation into WLB and employee engagement: A special case of the telecom sector of Pakistan

ABSTRACT: WLB is an important phenomenon contemporarily for its role in improving quality of personal life and professional life. It is evident that WLB is associated with increased performance of the employees at workplace given that it enable employee to equally focus on the personal life and professional life, and it also increases employee’s engagement at workplace which has been found to associate with improved performance and productivity. However, literature lacks in explaining these phenomena in case of Pakistan’s telecom sector; hence following study aimed to fill the literature gap. Meanwhile, the aim of following study is investigate the how WLB satisfaction has been affecting the EE at workplace; and for this purpose an online survey was conducted and in which 77 respondents took part, and data was analyzed through SPSS. Moreover, the results of the study suggests that WLB satisfaction, perceived organizational support has positive and significant impact on the employee engagement; but burnout has negative and statistically insignificant impact on the employee engagement. Meanwhile, recommendations and implications are provided for practitioners and researchers.


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